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Who is the Empowered Athlete Mentorship for?

Athletes who are competing in sport at a intermediate to the high level that want to improve their mental skills and nutrition in support of their goals. Together, we will identify what might be blocking you mentally from improving or competing to your best, we will grow your confidence, self belief & success in all areas of performance.

Step 1: Sign up to the Empower You membership

Cost: 7 Day Free Trial & then $19 USD per month

Duration: This membership is a prerequisite while you are receiving private mentoring with me.

Location: Private membership platform & app hosted by MightyNetworks

Benefits: Weekly master class video plus a growing library of resources & content like recipes, meditations, articles, ebooks, guest speakers & more!

Step 2: Book your FREE 15 minute consultation

Duration: 15 minutes 

Location: Zoom

On this call, I will get to know more about who you are as a person, what areas you are most struggling with in order for me to create the best formula to ease in your life, fewer stresses and worries and achieve the life of your dreams once and for all.

Step 3: On going Empowered Athlete Mentorship

Mentoring: 12 x 75 minute sessions over 6 months

Cost: $4500 NZD in full or $4,855 NZD over a 12 month payment plan (either weekly, fortnightly or monthly)

Location: Zoom

Booking: I will personally book these sessions in for you during your 15 minute consultation

The structure & content of your mentoring sessions are personally designed after your inception session. To find your specific formula for success I will take you through selected areas of your life to help you better understand aspects of your subconscious programming & how these can become limitations that have led to blocks in your sporting performance.

We will identify where you are mentally connected & how these make you the great athlete that you are while rewiring any mind-body disconnect. We will work on reprogramming and empowering your mind to allow you to train & compete to your highest potential. 


What we cover:
  • Sports Mental Skills - Improve your mental strength, resilience & understanding of why your mind-state is so important for performance.

  • Neuro change Work - to rewire your brains connection that will change your brains blueprint in creating neuro-plasticity in order to have the brain and mind for proper coherency.

  • Neurolinguistic programming  - pseudoscientific approach to communication, personal development and your own inner dialogue to increase self-worth, confidence and success in all areas of your personal and athletic life.

  • Nutrition Balance - optional to include if you do not have a current nutritionist. If you do not have that support then the sessions can have portions dedicated to recovery & performance nutrition to best suit your body + includes competition prep planning. 

  • Inner Energetic Dynamics Calibration - understanding the stress and tension stored in the 3 brains in the body to decrease stress, anxiety, burnout and overwhelm to help you experience physiological freedom.

  • Goal Performance - I am happy to work with your coach to better support you with your goals.

***Spaces are limited as I only takes on a small amount of people at a time to ensure each of my clients receives the mentoring they deserve***

Screen Shot 2021-12-02 at 10.57.31 AM.png

Harry Calvery

"I originally got in touch with Kate for guidance on nutrition. We are coming up on two years of working together and have the nutrition element ticked!


We have also dove deep into the mental side of what I do. I am more confident and capable because of the mind-state techniques Kate has taught me.

At first I was very sceptical about it all but thanks to Kate’s expertise I have learnt ways to make it work for me and it is now a big part of my day to day life, I couldn’t recommend Kate enough!"

Screen Shot 2021-12-01 at 1.14.40 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-12-02 at 10.57.41 AM.png

Chelsea Herbert

Professional Race

Car Driver

"I live my life racing against a stop watch, where a millisecond is the difference between winning/losing, crashing/saving, being a champion/being just another competitor. 


Motorsport, like most sports is filled with extremely high, highs. However more commonly, fairly low, lows. 


I’ve been working with Kate for 6 years, firstly Kate took on the role of being my personal trainer & nutritionist, however more recently, Kate has been my mind-state coach. 


Kate has helped me through some major hurdles in my career, including the come down after breaking my back in my sport. She has provided me with the mental skills & tools to enable me to exceed my own expectations in competition & life. 


If it weren’t for Kate, I truly don’t think I would be where I am today, competing at the top of NZ for a well renowned American Team."

Step 1:

Prerequisite for any mentorship

7 Day Free Trial

$19 USD per month while you are on this service

Step 2:

Book your free consult with me now!

15 minutes via Zoom



What type of athletes do you work with?

Any! The mental skills one learns as an athlete is more about the mental state of the person and their commitment to success, not just the sport. Mental skills and neuro change work is not limited to just the sport, this will help you in success in many areas of your life as well.

How often do I have a mentoring session - weekly or fortnightly?

To start with we do 4 sessions weekly and then move into fortnightly. The weekly sessions are doing a full mental revamp of the mind and brain laying out the foundations of success neurologically and mentally 


Do I get any support in between sessions? 

It is extremely important to me that you feel supported right the way through and beyond. You may access me via Whatsapp or email and I will promise to get back to you within 12 hours. 

Plus - you will have access to master class videos, articles, meditations and nutrition support via the Empower You Membership.

What happens after the 12 sessions?

I offer a 75 minute monthly catch up with clients who feel they need them. These can  help support the new future you are building while also discussing anything else that arises along the way.


Can I do another 12 session block?

Yes, you can. I always get the best results for you within the block that we work together but I also understand that everyone works at different levels and paces so you are welcome to continue another 12 session block with me.


Do I get help with my nutrition as well?

Yes, nutrition can be included within the Empowered Athlete Mentorship.

What support do I get leading into competition?

I will provide you with what we can a “lead up” block that is included into the 12 sessions that is your custom mental skills formula for any event. This also includes if you are international we can facetime for the events and also a session that includes your coach if they would like.


Are there payment plan options? 

Yes! Please discuss this with me at your consultation.

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