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Who is the Empowered Living Mentorship for?

The Empowered Living Mentorship is for anyone of any age that is committed to changing from the inside out. 

If you are feeling stuck, like you are forever “starting again” and you are ready to truly live a life of inner freedom then this mentorship program might be right for you. 


I work with a wide variety of amazing people who have a range of internal struggles that they would like to address, work through and grow from. You could be the CEO of an organization, a university student, a busy mum or a high level sports person - this service is not suited for one specific person. It is available to help those who are willing to put the work in to change their lives for the better.

Step 1: Sign up to the Empower You membership

Cost: 7 Day Free Trial & then $19 USD per month

Duration: This membership is a prerequisite while you are receiving private mentoring with me

Location: Private membership platform & app hosted by MightyNetworks

Benefits: Weekly master class video plus a growing library of resources & content like recipes, meditations, articles, ebooks, guest speakers & more!

Step 2: Book for a FREE 15 minute consultation

Duration: 15 minutes 

Location: Zoom

On this call, I will get to know more about who you are as a person, what areas you are most struggling with in order for me to create the best formula to ease in your life, fewer stresses and worries and achieve the life of your dreams once and for all.

Step 3: On going Empowered Living Mentorship

Mentoring: 12 x 75 minute sessions over 6 months

Cost: $4500 NZD in full or $4,855 NZD over a 12 month payment plan (either weekly, fortnightly or monthly)

Location: Zoom

Booking: I will personally book these sessions in for you during our free 15 minute call

The structure & content of your mentoring sessions are personally designed after your inception session. Through these sessions I will take you through selected areas of your life to help you better understand aspects of your subconscious programming & how these can become limitations that have led to how you are feeling today. We will work on reprogramming and empowering your mind to allow you to be able to experience life on a newfound level and have the ability to deal with the twists and turns that life can throw your way.


What we cover:
  • Human Behavioural Psychology - respond to internal and external stimuli throughout your life to better understand awareness within yourself to excel through the personal and professional life.

  • Neuro Change Work - to rewire your brains connection which will change your brains blueprint in creating neuro-plasticity in order to have the brain and mind for proper coherency

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming  - pseudoscientific approach to communication, personal development and your own inner dialogue to increase self-worth, confidence and success in all areas of life.  

  • Nutrition balance - working gently with your current eating regime to add small changes for increased energy, more efficient metabolism, digestion and high-level mental function.

  • Inner energetic dynamics calibration - understanding the stress and tension stored in the 3 brains in the body to decrease stress, anxiety, burnout and overwhelm to experience physiological freedom.

***Spaces are limited as I only takes on a small amount of people at a time to ensure each of my clients receives the mentoring they deserve***

Christina Sunderland.JPG

Christina Sunderland


"I do both one-on-one work with Kate to work on my nutrition and mind-state perspective, I also  use her Empower You app.


I began working with Kate when I was feeling a little lost in the world, originally wanting some guidance around nutrition. She has taken me on a journey the past year or so that has ultimately allowed me to create a life that is so much better than where I started.


I work in what can be a stressful job and have always set very high expectations for myself in all aspects of life. Kate has taught me how to ride the ups and downs of life. I have learnt why I am the way I am, how to better handle stressful situations and accept the past. No matter how little or ridiculous the issue was, Kate hunts down the root cause.


She never just tells you what the problem is but guides you there, which allows you to accept what is happening and teaches you how to recognise it and change it. It's hard to put into words just how much of a positive impact Kate has had on me."

Screen Shot 2021-12-01 at 1.14.40 PM.png
Jonathan Sweeney.JPG

Jonathan Sweeney

Business Consultant

"My initial engagement with Kate was around nutrition. I probably did not treat it with the seriousness it required and was about to 'throw in the towel' but then I thought she could add far more value to me.


The existing remit is broad and covers many facets of my life, both personally and professionally. Nothing is 'off limits' and Kate adds tremendous value to me as a human. I recently txt her to say that 'my life was much better with her present within'.

Kate draws from a huge knowledge/experience base - her own personal experiences, education, insight and various professional engagements.


Traditionally I'm nervous working in these spaces (ironically I touch on it with own clients) but I place huge value in Kate's input and guidance. She is consistently available and I have only grown during the time I've known her."

Screen Shot 2021-12-02 at 10.51.45 AM.png

Gemma Goodhew

Gym Manager

Screen Shot 2021-12-01 at 1.14.40 PM.png

"Body image, childhood trauma, self worth, relationships, communication, resentment...You name it, Kate has helped me break through it! 


Some big things that have significantly changed for me is that I have let go of past trauma & no longer let it define me, I have learnt to love myself wholeheartedly & am confident in who I am, my communication with my partner has improved & I truly believe I am worthy of being loved, I have built a positive relationship with food & I now live my life through happiness & freedom. 


Kate has literally changed my life! I felt like a lost soul in more ways than one & now I feel like I have actually started living again. Kate gives you the tools and secrets to help lift that big weight off your shoulders, whatever it may be.


No matter how many demons you’re battling or if you need a touch of guidance in your everyday life, Kate is your person! Her knowledge, passion, guidance and empathy creates this trust to open up and be vulnerable and work on becoming the best version of you!"

Screen Shot 2021-12-01 at 1.14.40 PM.png

Kelly Ratana

Environmental Researcher

"When I started with Kate - like many others, I thought she would help me with an eating plan that would finally achieve the weight loss that I wanted for so long. What I got was so much more.


Kate's unique way of working allowed me to understand that my obsession with weight loss came from a severe case of self loathing, low self worth and past trauma.


Within 3 months I had lost and maintained over the Christmas period a total of 10kgs, not through dieting, but through fueling and loving my body. That was awesome, but the real success was in the change of my relationship with food and especially with myself.

Kate has brought me to the realization that my success is my own, my formula is my own and most importantly that I am worthy to be where I am at and for what is going to find me. It’s so damn exciting, I sometimes can’t help but randomly smile to myself."

Step 1:

Prerequisite for any mentorship

7 Day Free Trial

$19 USD per month while you are on this service

Step 2:

Book your consultation with me now

15 minutes via Zoom



How often do I have a mentoring session - weekly or fortnightly?

To start with we do 4 sessions weekly and then move into fortnightly. The weekly sessions are doing a full mental revamp of the mind and brain laying out the foundations of success neurologically and mentally


Do I get any support in between sessions? 

It is extremely important to me that you feel supported right the way through and beyond. You may access me via Whatsapp or email and I will promise to get back to you within 12 hours. 

Plus - you will have access to master class videos, articles, meditations and nutrition support via the Empower You Membership.


What happens after the 12 sessions?

I offer 75 minute monthly catch ups with clients who feel they need them. These can help support the new future you are building while also discussing anything else that arises along the way. 


Can I do another 12 session block?

Yes, you can. I always get the best results for you within the block that we work together but I also understand that everyone works at different levels and paces so you are welcome to continue another 12 session block with me.


Do I get help with my nutrition as well?

Yes, nutrition and mind-state are all included within the Empowered Living Mentorship. Depending on where you are at, I can help you understand your eating habits better and together we can create an easy and sustainable nutrition regime for you to work along side the new mindstate work


Are there payment plan options? 

Yes! Please discuss this with me at your FREE 15 minute consultation.

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