Corperate Wellness and Mental Performance 


Corperate Wellness and Mental Performance

Are you experiencing...

  • Staff performance low?
  • Imposter Syndrome? 
  • Staff productivity inconsistent?
  • A higher level of sick days?
  • Leaders in your company getting burnt out?

There is a solution!

Hi, I am Kate,

Your Companies Wellness and Mindstate Mentor

I am super passionate about wellness, mental performance and health with an extremely specific vision in supporting companies to add more values to the wellness and mental performance of their team members. 

Yes this will increase your business growth, profit and opportunities. But I am going to be very honest, as a director, that part is your passion. The area of wellness and mindstate is my area of expertise and for me to take care of, so you can continue doing your part at 100%.

I have witnessed burn out and a severe amount of anxiety which leads to problems at home that creates a loop in their work. This has been very clear to me over the years of working with CEO’s, Directors and Managers right across the board that I have created very easy solutions to this problem.

My passion lies within people understanding how THEIR mind works, what routines and day to day practices they can do that work for them. It is never one size fits all and that model is outdated. 

Your staff need human interaction, they want to be heard and have someone “get it” in the way they are feeling to let them know, “We are in this together and there is a solution that is sustainable” 

I work closely with your HR team so that we are all on the same page to deliver consistent strategies and tools that work, that impact and have lasting change.

Mental performance seeks to boost skills, attitudes, and strategies for optimal wellbeing and growth, aiming to enhance performance, maintain consistency and thrive.

My role is to support and take your leaders and guide them into understanding better ways to manage pressure, people's behaviours, attitudes and actions to gain better results all round.



A few of many transformations...

I’ve been working with Kate for over five years now - and in that time I have been able to work through a huge range of life changing events with increasing levels confidence and clarity. Kate has been there through it all - from working with me to get my nutrition and training dialed in, to helping me find the tools to navigate challenging personal relationships and to progress in my career.

Nicole *
Government Lawyer


Kate was amazing at identifying my historic traumas and developing strategies to overcome them. She provided me with tools and strategies to improve my self confidence and switch off after a hard and intense day. These strategies have dramatically improved my sleep patterns resulting in increased energy and performance at work.

Admittedly I was nervous about sharing my traumas and insecurities with Kate, but she made me feel extremely comfortable and safe. She explained everything to me in a way I could understand and came up with a comprehensive management plan for me. I can’t speak highly enough of Kate. Her expertise has had a dramatic impact on my life and I am very grateful for her help.

Scott *

Team Leader Operations

Working with Kate is like that refreshing cold drink on a hot day that fills you with so much joy and relief. She always meets you where you’re at, offers so many tools and insights to help and grow in every area my life and I feel so grateful that I get to be her client. She always goes above and beyond, is incredibly fun, is real, honest, non-judgemental and I absolutely love her to pieces.

Cayzia Mills


Ready to Transform Your Workplace Culture?


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